Thursday, January 06, 2005

Exploiting children victims of Tsunami

The following is from Gary Haugen and the International Justice Mission, which I blogged about a couple weeks ago. I've met Gary and much of his staff, based in Washington, D.C., and what they are doing is right, just, and merciful. Consider, with me, supporting their efforts you'll read about below.

You've probably heard the horrific reports of children orphaned by the tsunami who are falling prey to human traffickers. Our experience investigating and combating trafficking in children positions us uniquely to offer someassistance. We are going to immediately deploy investigators to Thailand, SriLanka and the affected region to help assess the problem. It's imperative that someone with the investigative expertise helps uncover the oppressors before these vulnerable children are swept into the evil current of rape for profit and other forms of trafficking.

We need your help urgently! Would you please consider a contribution to helpfund this investigation and the further efforts we know this devastated regionwill need? You can click here to give online at Please forward this message to friends you believe would want to help with this effort. I'm grateful for your consideration.

Gary Haugen
Founder and President


At 9:28 AM, Blogger Fajita said...

I cannot think of anything more horrific than child trafficking.

Thanks for the link.


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