Friday, October 22, 2004

Elmer Fudd and The Series

Was my Cardinals win over my wife's Astros worth the fact that she now hates me?


But I'm like Elmer Fudd in the best episode--"Bugs Bunny Opera"--of the greatest cartoon "series" ever made on the cliff calling "Norf winds bwow! Thunder Wightning! Beat the Astros, beat the Aaaa-stros" (low note). It is done.

Then I look down and see the lifeless body of my wife. I trip on her lower lip. She blames me for this. What did I have to do with it? I was just cheering for the genetically encoded team of my youth. And now I can almost see Jill in that orange Astros shirt in 8th grade, cheering for Jose Cruz, Nolan Ryan, J.R. Richards.

What have I done?! I've killed the Astros? They've never been to the October Classic, ever. Jill nearly gags when she hears the announcer say this is the Redbirds 16th trip. "We've been around much longer than the Stros," I say. It doesn't help, only serves to twist the knife. I'm filled with remorse. She says she may cheer for the Red Sox. No! I've had enough of this intra-family rivalry. No, not again!

Deep breath. Slowly climb the cliff till Saturday's game one. "Norf winds bwow! Beat the Red Sox, beat the Red Sox, beat the Red Soooooox (low note)!"


At 9:55 AM, Blogger don said...

Hiwawious! But it's actuawy "Beat the Wed Sox, Beat the Wed Sox, Beat the Wed Sooooox"

The election and the World Series will be over soon, and the schisms will once again heal. Never fear. Go Cards!

At 9:59 AM, Blogger don said...

on another Elmer Fudd note, I keep trying to get Craig Jones to sing the Harding alma mater in Elmer Fudd-voice. try it with me: "Near the foothiws of the Ozawks, midst of hiw and pwaaaaaiiiiinn...."

At 1:08 PM, Blogger Blake said...

Congrats to the Cards and their fans. As much as I was rooting for the Astros - I've got to admit St. Louis was the better team. From being picked 3rd in the division pre-season to the best team in baseball. Well played.

My heartfelt sympathies are extended to your wife in this difficult time. But let her know she's not the only one suffering - she is not alone! :)

At 2:31 PM, Blogger DJG said...

I would like to second the vote on the best cartoon series ever...and tell you wife it is not YOUR fault that the Astros lost, it is mine. I turned on the TV when I got home they were up 2-1. I announced to my husband that I was for Houston and immediately they lost the lead never to be regained.... So you just better hope I am for the Wed Soxs if you want your Cards to win..... (yes I was a Brave fan and for the Crimson you see the pattern, not your fault!)


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